Take the ideal dimensions for your tablecloth in 4 steps

 Here are some tips to determine the ideal dimensions of a tablecloth and help you select the ideal linen according to the shape of your table whether it is circular, rectangular or even of an unusual shape. You'll see, it's very simple.
  1. Determine your need

First, enlarge or reduce your table to the size you want. If your table is equipped with extensions, determine the size that best suits your needs: for everyday use, adapt the table to the size of your family; for special occasions, make it as large as possible. For special occasions, make the table as large as possible. On average, 50 to 60 cm per guest is needed to provide a comfortable space for dining.
  1. Take the measurements

Your table is rectangular, square or oval:
Take a tape measure and measure the width and length through the center (essential if your table is oval) and the height. The standard height is 75 cm but can vary according to the models. It is therefore useful to check this measurement. Don't forget to write down these dimensions on a piece of paper or in your phone so that you don't forget them and don't have to use them again for future purchases.
Your table is round:
Measure the diameter with a tape measure. The diameter of a circular object is the straight line distance between two opposite edges through the center. Most of the time you can just estimate the approximate position of the center by eye. 
  1. Define the desired impact

The part of the tablecloth that descends under the tabletop is called the fallout. The classic drop is between 30 to 40 cm on each side for a dining room tablecloth. It is important to avoid the fallout being lower than the chair to avoid unsightly folds when the chairs are pushed down. Ideally, the fallout should be flush with the seat of your chair. If you have trouble visualizing, cut out a piece of paper to get an idea of what will look best.
For more formal occasions or to hide unattractive table legs, you can opt for a skirted effect on the floor. The fallout will then be equal to the height of your table.
Once you have determined the size of the drop, double this measurement and add it to your length and width. For an oval or round table and if you have it made to measure, do not hesitate to ask for a rounded cut of the edges to avoid the accumulation of fabric in the corners.
Be careful, if you buy your tablecloth in the store, there may not be any specific measures adapted. Always choose a larger tablecloth because they tend to shrink (up to 10 cm in the first wash).
  1. Select the right material and customize your accessories

For everyday use, choose a durable, easy-to-clean material such as a mix of linen and polyester. Also choose matching or complementary colored napkins embroidered with the initials of family members.
For formal occasions, opt for linen, a more noble and timeless material. Finally, the addition of a fine embroidered border in a delicate color and matching linen napkins will ensure an elegant and refined look to your table.
For the size of the towels, it will depend on your preferences. Ideally, they should be neither too small nor too large. Standard measurements are either 40 x 40 cm or 50 x 50 cm. Finally, count 50 x 40 cm for a placemat.
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Author: Eléonore Speeckaert | 24 August 2022