Modus vivendi

La Maison

Since 1992, Modus Vivendi has been offering high-end home linens of exceptional softness. From the warmth and comfort of a home, to the pure and contemporary atmosphere of a beautiful flat, our household linens transform the atmosphere of your home into a paradise of delicacy, bringing the design, elegance, and softness that you have been dreaming of together.

Maison de linge

Since 1992

At the origin of the Maison’s foundation, are three friends. Driven by a passion for quality textiles and a taste for beauty and refinement, they decide to found Modus Vivendi together, a Maison specialising in the design of high-end household linens. 

Very attentive to the needs of each and every one, the company quickly made a name for itself by offering personalised embroidered creations and custom-made pieces adapted to the tastes and expectations of its customers.

Exceptionally soft, Modus Vivendi’s products have been providing incomparable comfort to every room in your interior since 1992. Without ever neglecting the quality of its products, la Maison still stands out today thanks to its pure, elegant, natural, and delicate look.

Over the years

From mother to daughter

Over the years and for fifteen years now, Anne Speeckaert, one of the three founders, has been leading the boat and continues to develop the activities of Modus Vivendi. In order to pass on the family “savoir-faire” and perpetuate the tradition from generation to generation, Anne passes on her knowledge to her daughter Lavinia. Together, they take over the reins of the company and continue to perpetuate the values of Maison Modus Vivendi by making it grow to the rhythm of their complicity.

Our values, our mission

Selecting textiles of incredible quality and undeniable softness, Modus Vivendi will help you to transform your home into a true peaceful heaven. Additionally, from our first advice until the moment your linens are installed at your home and even long afterwards, we guide you and meet your expectations with the greatest care and attention.  

Combining craftsmanship and innovation to perfection, our atelier takes advantage of its knowledge and experience of traditional linens to offer you modern, delicate, and elegant collections. 

Welcome to the world of Maison Modus Vivendi, enjoy exceptional comfort, give your interior a modern and elegant touch and give your spaces a touch of softness.