How to choose the ideal sheet size?

Our tips for peaceful nights:


    1. Always measure the length, width and height of your mattress to make sure that the pocket depth of your fitted sheet matches the height of your mattress. At Modus Vivendi, you can specify the height of your mattress if it is higher or lower than the standard pocket depth.
    2. Make sure your duvet fits the size of the bed. The drop on both sides should be appropriate to avoid endless bickering due to a too small duvet. This will allow the duvet cover to be comfortable for you to sleep in while giving your bed an even more elegant look. 

      For a large bed of 180x200, Add 40 cm of drop on each side and thus choose the measure of 260x240 cm. Go to our size guide to choose the ideal size of duvet and duvet cover.

    3. To choose your pillowcases, check the measurements of your pillows on the label and order the same dimensions for your pillowcases. To complete the look, feel free to mix pillow sizes and stack your pillows by placing your rectangular pillows in the front and your square pillows in the back. Discover this style on our « Grace » set or our « Elizabeth » set.

Not sure which size is right for you? Contact us at for a tailor-made advice. 

We wish you a sweet night